Still Life is a surface print studio based in Auckland, New Zealand.

The studio produces original repeat patterns for fashion employing a variety of artistic methods - painting, drawing, photography and computer-added design.

Designer Amber Rixon’s background in fashion, garment construction and print, deliver inspiring and unique stories.

View the current collection online within the showroom or make an appointment to view print samples in person.

Collaboration is a large part of the studios passion, Amber works closely with designers to create true on-brand prints internationally and locally.

All prints are exclusive and provided as seamless repeat units with multiple colour way options. Minimal surface adjustments and file preparation for printers is included on purchase.

To gain access to the online showroom or to make an appointment please contact Amber below.

Trade shows
Premiere Vision New York | 16th -17th July 2019.

NYC | 15th, 16th - 24th July

All enquires

e | amber@stilllife.co.nz
p | 021 396 040